Since its appearance in 2009, Uber has never been far from the headlines and those headlines, more often than not, have usually been reporting on the latest barrier up against Uber.

$61.9million is a huge sum of money, but for a company worth $62.5billion, it's a price that has been worth paying for continued growth.

It's easy to come to the conclusion that Uber must be in the wrong and the on going lawsuits and financial settlements are a sign that their business model is flawed and their product doomed to fail. In actual fact, what is happening is the exact opposite.

Uber's value is intrinsically linked to the uniqueness of its product. It needs to push growth and, in doing so, challenge the traditional way of doing things in order to capture a market before others appear on the scene. 

When you have a new product there is always go to be resistance from competitors and those who fear they will be displaced. You should never be afraid  to challenge them and to push growth even where there's a risk you will have to pay for it later. 

This isn't to say that you should blatantly ignore laws and upset people to get your way, but, with the development of new technology, often legal systems are behind the products they govern and so it's your right to challenge them and help sculpt a legal environment that better represents the world we're now in.

If you take too long trying to mitigate risk, then you can quickly find that the upper hand is lost, sometimes it's better to just jump right in and allow the world to catch up around you.