This case acts as a perfect reminder that no matter how big a company you are, you can't promise the world and get a way with it.

Product descriptions are an important part of any sales strategy and as the world of tech gets more and more competitive new ideas are needed to stand out from the crowd. 

Apple are well known for their revolutionary products and a claim that their watches are scratch and impact resistant is one that definitely help its sales. As Apple found out, however, it's all well and good making such claims, but you need to be able to back them up in substance.

You also need to be able to accept when you're in the wrong. Apple could, and in my opinion, should have settled this case at the start. It may well be they feared settling would look like an admission of fault and lead to further claims. Had they done so, however, they could have at least kept it  behind closed doors. 

By taking the matter to court, and losing, the issue has been brought into the public eye and will more than likely lead to further claims from those who bought the watch before they changed its product description. 

The lesson here is be careful how you advertise and think carefully how you deal with your customers complaints, especially if you pride yourself on your public image.