Every day each of us using a computer, consciously or otherwise, selects a font for our typed word. More often than not, I would imagine, we do so having no clue as to the value of that font.

Whether it's the huge range of fonts we have to hand on a Microsoft, Apple, Linux or any other operating system, we take them for granted as something we are entitled to use as part of that particular piece of software. It is rare that we encounter someone claiming ownership of a particular font and we especially don't expect to face a law suit for using them.

The font business, however, is a profitable one. The titles and credits we see on our favourite TV shows, the text in blockbuster animated movies, or even in mobile phone games all contain fonts that have often been designed to order and of course have been paid for.

Just like any other piece of art or design work, fonts are something in which you can own rights, and as such can pursue others where those rights are infringed. In this particular instance it appears Hasbro had the right to use the font, but within the constraints of a license, a licence they are accused of having subsequently breached.

With My Little Pony being such a well known brand, it is surprising to see Hasbro commit such a blatant infringement but maybe even they took for granted the daily use of fonts?