While it cannot be denied that the sale of electric cars is growing at an ever increasing rate and the aim of “virtually every car and van on the road to be zero emission” by 2050 is a noble one, I believe we are still a long way off such a goal and that the government needs to work harder if we are to achieve it.

More and more of the major car companies are introducing electric models but without the supporting transport infrastructure it will be difficult for them to become anything more than a novelty. 

Along with the autonomous car industry, this is an area where British tech companies could come to the fore and with it become world leaders. The creation of electric cars is about far more than just the vehicles themselves. Charging stations are few and far between and the time it to takes to charge batteries and our ability to do so easily at home is still something that needs working on. 

The government needs to provide further support to home grown start-ups to help plug these gaps. By doing so, not only will we eventually achieve our emissions targets, we will see the growth of the British economy as we become recognised as the pioneers and leaders in this kind of technology.