Whether you're starting up a business or attempting to scale up a business quickly, the law can often seem like a hindrance to getting where you want to be.

A lawyer is often seen as an unnecessary expense and its easy to put aside legal issues as something that you'll deal with later. Such a mind set, however, can often lead to far bigger issues further down the line. 

Not incorporating your company properly can lead to confusion as to ownership, not issuing proper employment contracts can lead to costly claims if someone is later dismissed, and signing contracts where you put your faith in the other sides lawyers, without involving your own, can lead to those very parties exploiting your great idea.

Obviously lawyers cost money and as a start up there is often little of it available as it is, but these days more and more law firms are offering alternative payment structures to help new businesses protect their interests from the very start and at an acceptable cost. 

For example, here at Coffin Mew our Modus: First Call allows start ups to pay in monthly instalments and at better rates. You get a lawyer at a suitable price and we are able to help you set up a venture that will hopefully go on to be successful, with us supporting you along the way.