While Mondelez may argue that the change in chocolate was not the reason for the decline in sales last year, they cannot deny that it upset a lot of people.

Some may argue, myself included, that the new recipe hasn't meant a change in taste, but when it comes to such an iconic food you have to tread carefully when making changes.

This is even more so in the age of Lidl and Aldi who are more than willing to produce identical looking, and they would argue, tasting products for a fraction of the cost. 

Well known brands, such as Cadbury, cannot afford to challenge obvious passing off in court because it would mean upsetting the very company supplying their product to the public. Instead it is necessary to rely on brand differentiation and proving that their product is worth that extra bit of money.  Which is why changing your product, especially in a way that is seen as detrimental, is never a good decision.

Do you think the new Creme Eggs taste any different? How should well known brands protect their identity against supermarket imposters?