Almost everyday I find a new flyer in my letter box advertising some form of delivery service. Whether it's fresh vegetables, local takeaways, or dry cleaning, there seems to be a delivery service for it. 

As such it is unsurprising to see a surge in the sale of vans, but while the "white van man" is normally someone we curse at the mention of, this time he is someone we should cheer. 

Not only do these figures show a positive sign, in terms of the recovery of our economy, they also herald the growth of new and intuitive businesses. More and more we expect to be able to have anything we want delivered to our door and new businesses are finding ways to make that happen. This means the resurgence of the eponymous white van man, but also the development of new app technology  and creative ways to package our products (see the vegetables that come through your letter box).

So next time you find yourself tailgated by a Ford Transit, try not to get upset... he'll be replaced by delivery drones soon anyway!